Expomeat 2017

Pavilhão do Anhembi, Brasilhttp://www.expomeat.com.br
Expomeat 2017

Brazil has a key role in meeting the demand for animal protein on the planet. However, growth in domestic and foreign markets presents huge challenges, as consumers are increasingly demanding about the quality and origin of food.

This requires the industry to invest in technology to improve processes, reduce costs and get more efficiency to be competitive. This requires a large trade fair for the sector! Sao Paulo, the main region of a market ever-expanding, is the most appropriate place to host an event with these specific features, bringing together an entire exhibition set focused on the task of enhancing the synergy of industrialization chain of animal protein.

We count on your company’s presence at the exhibition and promotion of more updated set of inputs and equipment for the processing of poultry, cattle, pigs, sheep and fish.